Current Service Updates

as at 0537 on 31 May 2020
The following service updates are affecting

Konectbus service 4

Konectbus service 501|Park & Ride

Not all connections use the same bus - please double check
Valid from 0000 on Monday 23rd September until 2359 on Tuesday 31st December

Affected Services

Konectbus service 4

Konectbus service 501|Park & Ride

Affected Stops

Norwich City Centre, Bus Station

Please be aware that there is an error in our data this week for services 4 and 501.

We are showing the connection from the 501 onto the 4 at Norwich Bus Station (and from the 4 onto the 501 in reverse) as a "stay seated" connection for all trips, but it is only those 501 trips that terminate at or start from Norwich Bus Station.

When planning a journey from the Airport P&R towards N&NU, please look at the "towards" note on the 501 leg. If it says "towards Thickthorn P&R" then you will need to change buses in Norwich and not remain on the 501.

Alternatively, please ask the driver on boarding.

Our apolgies for this issue, which we will correct for our data build next week. 

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